WORCESTER people want to save money and improve their commitment to "green" issues, an environment expert claims.

John Bond, environmental protection officer at Worcester City Council, said those living in the Faithful City understood the importance of saving energy as well as protecting the environment.

He made his remarks as the city council unveiled the results of its second energy home display, which was staged in a property at Fort Royal Hill.

The visitor centre, which displayed the latest energy-efficient measures available to households, was open for eight weeks between October and December last year.

Visitors were shown state-of-the-art heating systems, insulation measures and double glazing.

"It was a great success," he said.

"The bad weather and floods couldn't dampen people's spirits and we received almost a 1,000 visits during the two months that it was open.

"One of the aims was to show how an ordinary home can be more energy-efficient, by using everyday materials and common sense.

"All the ideas that were on show can be implemented by us all. The response we had shows that people understand the importance of saving energy and saving the environment."

During the three-month display, which attracted 911 visitors, a survey was carried out which showed 98 per cent of respondents wanted to improve home energy efficiency.

Ninety per cent said they were interested in the climate change display and 84 per cent said they wanted to do more recycling.

Almost 4,000 brochures were handed out to visitors, with a further 27,000 leaflets distributed to homes in Worcester.