A TRAFFIC nightmare is developing in Ronkswood because the hospital's car park is overflowing.

Vehicles backed up along Newtown Road yesterday were queuing to reach the hospital, while motorists caused havoc by parking in residential spots.

Hospital car park attendants were even telling motorists to park outside houses, it has been claimed.

Kerry Mundon's temper boiled over after hospital traffic blocked Ripon Road, making it impossible for the mum-of-two, and residents like her, to move.

"It happens every day of the week - we get non-residents parking here all the time," the 28-year-old fumed.

"People just abandon their cars along the grass verge. They block the road, they block private driveways. It happens Monday to Friday, from 7am until 5pm.

"I know we're right by the hospital, but if someone had a heart attack it would be impossible to get an ambulance along here."

Neighbour John Baddeley said: "When there is no room at the hospital, the car park attendants tell people to go and park in Ripon Road.

"I honestly don't blame 90 per cent of the people who park here, because what else can you do? It is the 10 per cent who park stupidly."

Neighbouring streets like Canterbury Road, Linksview Crescent and Aconbury Close are also affected, according to the Ronkswood Action Group.

Group spokeswoman Angela Carey said the problem was raised in regular meetings with hospital bosses.

"The situation is bad enough now, but it will get much worse when the new hospital opens because there will be less spaces," she said.

"You also have to consider the new office blocks in Newtown Road. You will have around 800 workers there with something like 400 spaces. We think there will be up to 1,000 cars with nowhere to go."

City MP Mike Foster viewed the scene yesterday and branded the number of vehicles parked along Ripon Road "unacceptable".

He said he intended to take up the issue with Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and the police.

"Whether there is going to be sufficient car parking at the new hospital is a concern that has been expressed to the hospital," he added.