TEENAGER Kirsty Goodes' talent in fashion design was just being recognised when she was killed in a car crash in July.

Just before the accident she had created a vision of her dream dress - but did not live to see it made up.

Her mother Debbie appealed through the Journal for someone to help bring Kirsty's creation to life and, thanks to Ann Jones of Wick, this has been achieved.

Now, in the week in which Kirsty would have been 15, her sister Stacey has modelled the completed gown for the Journal.

Mrs Goodes hopes the scarlet silk evening dress, with shoestring straps and a dark green appliqu leaf design, can be sold to the highest bidder for the County Air Ambulance Appeal.

Mrs Goodes, of Fulbert Road, Pershore, said: "I think it's lovely, it's exactly as she had drawn it, I think it's the sort of thing she'd have worn."

She is hopes to hear from anyone organising fashion shows or with a shop window where it could be displayed.

Mrs Goodes said Kirsty was very creative and she thought that finishing the dress was a fitting tribute. She had won an award at Pershore High School for the dress design just weeks before she and her boyfriend Warren Taylor aged 18, died in the crash on the A44 at Cropthorne on July 3.

In August Kirsty's mother Debbie appealed through the Journal for a charitable dress designer to help her realise her dream of seeing the dress made up and finished.

Designer Ann Jones said: "I heard about the accident, and I thought about the family and saw all the flowers at the scene.

"It was something I could do, something practical I could do to help so I gave her a ring."

If you can help the dress to feature in a fashion show or have a shop window where it can be displayed ring Mrs Jones on 01386 553138.