THE report of "a trail of death and destruction" (Evening News, Tuesday, October 31) concerning the floods, hit the nail on the head when it quoted Environment Minister Michael Meacher who stated that this was the result of greenhouse gases being pumped into the atmosphere.

For many, crocodile-tears are the only answer to this statement of fact, as they drive to and fro regardless.

Status symbolism dictates the automobile takes precedent over a bicycle. Fuel-guzzling planes also take millions abroad on pointless holidays. What about spending a holiday in beautiful Britain for a change?

Too much of our power is derived directly from fossil fuels or from electricity generated by fuel-burning stations which are only 35 per cent energy efficient.

And consumerism creates mountains of waste which exude methane gas for up to 50 years.

It is time for action. Let us demand green energy; green homes; good public transport; a return to cycling or walking. Industrial areas should be built around railheads to reduce road haulage.

Cleaner air leads to fewer incidences of respiratory disorders. A fitter population means NHS savings which can be spent on medical research, more "greening" and on our deserving disabled, elderly and veterans. Let us save our land and lead the way for the world.


Gilliam Street,