IT is now a long time since I went down to our river to feed the ducks. I remember that on a Sunday morning, there was a trickle of cars to the riverside along South Quay. Many of those cars carried old age pensioners and the infirm, for a breath of "Sabrina" air.

Some, like me and mine, wandered along the Cathedral riverside walk to Diglis and back. I remember those times now with great pleasure, and I wish now that I had made more frequent visits, to what is still a beautiful and unchallenging walk for young and old alike.

I was disgusted to discover that it is now no longer possible to zoom down Copenhagen Street to the riverside. Our former Labour-controlled council has blocked it off with bollards.

Now it seems you have to duck off the one way system, and dive down a side road, which means that on leaving the riverside one is forced into our city's one-way systems, thus adding to the traffic our county council wants to reduce.

Presumably this piece of "design by dogma," was undertaken to make "free parking", more difficult, thereby increasing income from our city's car parks.

This also creates a car-free area for that piece of Millennium stupidity which our former Labour-controlled city council has now been prevented from throwing more money away on.

With that in mind, is there any reason why Worcester people, particularly the elderly and infirm, are now prevented by these bollards from parking at the riverside to take the "air?"

Could we not now return a little of the freedom of the city, to those residents in particular, by re-opening Copenhagen Street to the people?


Solent Road,