FORMER Worcester Rugby Club president David Hallmark has outlined his plans for the future of rugby in the wake of the ongoing row over promotion and relegation.

The ex-player believes the rest of rugby should take up the Worcester model if it is to have a viable future.

In his four-point plan, Hallmark puts forward his ideas for rugby.

He said: "Firstly, the infrastructure of the game and its facilities must remain in the hands of rugby club members on trust for the benefit of rugby. These facilities are not to be used, abused, mortgaged, lea-sed, traded by management of the operating rugby playing business.

"There needs to be two funding streams from the RFU or from television monies. The one for capital resources, the other for human resources.

"Thus the ownership of the facilities will be held by the RFU and control of the players by the owners of the clubs."

He added: "The funds for human resources have to be controlled so that use of those resources encourages competition by playing skills. Club squads and administrative structures have to be similar.

"The difference will be in size. English First Division Rugby structures will be bigger than Second Division Rugby structures and so on.

"However, the gap in funding capital and human resources will have to be so structured that the difference in the adjacent divisions is not so great as to be financially fatal."

Hallmark also believes there should be "parachutes" for failing clubs and bonuses for promoted sides to moderate the impact of adjusting to a higher level.

He said: "The strategy behind spending revenues must be to generate interest in the game so that the use of revenue is ring fenced in the game and not in the management of only the professional game.

"The relationship between rugby and the media needs to be rationalised so that the advertisers can be satisfied and stimulated to participate in the sponsorship.

"This in turn means producing facilities for crowds, games of excitement, incentives for investors, careers for the athletes and generally an atmosphere of enthusiasm to encourage investments - it must be inclusive not exclusive."

Hallmark added: "The Worcester model under the benefice of Cecil Duckworth shows how this concept can succeed to develop and to deliver a rugby centre of excellence to satisfy the whole range of participants in the rugby community."