THE team that put together Colwall's Village Design Statement is hoping Herefordshire Council will adopt the document as part of its development plan.

The design statement is a blueprint of the village and its amenities and a vision of the way residents think the village should develop.

It was put together by a team of residents led by Nicky Carless over the last 18 months, following widespread consultation and it includes chapters on buildings, open spaces, the environment and the economy.

Some of the recommendations made when future development is considered include carrying out a traffic impact survey, adding more facilities for teenagers, introducing a weight restriction for traffic travelling from Malvern into Colwall and keeping the open spaces within the village.

Mrs Carless said the statement is not a rulebook governing whether or not new development should take place.

"It's a guide so that when new buildings are being considered it suggests the style or buildings materials that should be used," she said.

She said they were hoping Herefordshire Council would adopt and endorse the statement.

"At the moment they're looking to endorse it. This means they will take it into consideration when they are considering new development but it won't have any legal status," she said.

Dr David Nicholson, chief forward planning officer at Herefordshire Council, said they were not likely to adopt the statements as part of the development plan.

"They are prepared and owned by the village concerned, not by the council," he said. "We see them as being unique to each individual village and belonging to them.

"We fully endorse the statements and they will be a material consideration in determining planning applications in the communities concerned."