ARMY trucks from he local TA unit and a farmers' tractors helped ferry schoolchildren and shoppers through deep water by Upton Marina this week.

The marina itself was littered with abandoned vehicles after motorists ignored "road closed" signs and tried to get through the floods.

Ian Cundy, of Starline Narrowboats, said: "Only lorries and four-wheel drive vehicles can get through. The problem is people are stupid. They still try to drive through and then have to be towed out of the water."

Highways partnership manager Mike Davies said driving through floods in places like the Hanley Road made matters worse for householders by sending a wash into their already flooded homes.

Police also appealing to road users to observe flood signs.

"If there's a flood, diversion or road closed sign it's there for a very good reason. Those who ignore the warnings are putting their own and other people's lives at risk," said PC Mike Digger.

"It's impossible for anyone to know what hidden dangers lie beneath the floods or how deep they are in parts."