SIX months after being placed on special measures as a "failing school", Upton CE Primary is preparing to celebrate.

At the opening of a £10,000 computer suite funded by the Friends on Tuesday (November 14), chairman of governors Jon Parsons will report on the school's progress.

"There's a fairly substantial change going on," he said. "Inspectors who visited in July said we were on the right track. They were particularly pleased with our progress in terms of leadership and management."

The team leading the school under the headship of Mark Mumby includes a new deputy head, Alison Marsh, and several new teachers.

"The fundamental disputes within the governors are in the past and Mark Mumby is able to get on with the job," said Mr Parsons. "The clouds have lifted and the atmosphere has changed. Special measures should be for two years but we have quiet hopes of getting out of them before then."

The Friends of the school have raised the money needed for the computer suite in less than a year.

During the open evening, from 6pm to 8pm, Mr Parsons will present his progress report at 6.30pm and again at 7.30pm.