A THREE-day beer festival is taking place at the Three Kings, Hanley Castle, this weekend, regardless of flood.

Around two dozen beers will be on offer, including two new ones from local breweries - Red Earl from Malvern Hills and Dragon from St George's, Callow End.

Others will come from Sporting Ales of Stoke Prior, Spinning Dog of Hereford, Teme Valley Brewery of the Talbot at Knightwick and other breweries from far and wide.

There will be music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights (November 10, 11 and 12) and morris dancing on Sunday lunchtime, with Faithful City and Kempsey sides.

Despite the road closure signs aiming to alert people to floods in Upton, Hanley Castle is still accessible from the Worcester and Hanley Swan directions.

"Those in the know realise they can still get to Hanley Castle but the signs are a bit confusing for strangers," said Sue Roberts of the Three Kings.

"People from outside the area imagine we are flooded. We have even had a call from Denmark asking if we are all right."

Highways Partnership manager Mike Davis said he was aware of the difficulties surrounding road closure signs and was considering having some permanent signs made with clearer wording.