100 years ago

THERE was plenty of excitement on the hills on Saturday last, the Ledbury Hounds coming in full view of the town. Reynard, who came from the direction of Colwall, kept them a considerable time in the neighbourhood of St Ann's Well, where the hunt attracted a large number of townspeople. After evading his pursuers in the upper parts, the fox made for the town, and came down the Red Lion Bank at a rattling spin. Crowds watched the progress of the sly one as he made for the Unicorn Yard with the hounds in full chase. Here the artful reynard took shelter in the mail van, which, however, proved to be his last resort, for here escape was impossible, and he was forced to yield up his brush. Malvern Gazette, November 9, 1900.

Colonel C K Wood of Ledbury was greeted with a tremendous burst of popular enthusiasm on his arrival at Sheerness on Saturday, from South Africa, where he commanded the Royal Engineers with the Natal Field Force. The gallant colonel briefly returned thanks for his warm reception. Colonel Wood is expected to arrive at Ledbury this week. Ledbury Free Press, November 13, 1900.

50 years ago

FOR more years now than most Urban District Council official can remember a large oil painting in the Italian manner - actually it is a copy of Correggio's Jupiter and Antiope - has looked down upon the deliberations of high finance in the Treasurer's office. Now the Treasurer has moved to another room and the office is used for meetings of a varied character it is felt that the time has come to remove what is regarded as a most unsuitable illustration for a local government wall. On Tuesday the Council instructed its Clerk to offer the picture, frame and all - handsome heavy gilt - to any art gallery which will give it space. It is described by an official as a picture of "a plump woman in a most inelegant attitude." Malvern Gazette, November 10, 1950.

The offer made to the town by Lord Biddulph to acquire Ledbury Park was a fine gesture and has caused a good deal of discussion among the public. The Council certainly has a grave responsibility with regard to a decision, whether they accept it or turn it down.

Some people believe the provision of a public park would attract people to the town and at the same time provide a pleasant venue for townspeople in fine weather. Ledbury Reporter, November 10, 1950.

25 years ago

A PROPOSAL to close down Malvern Hills College will be put to Hereford and Worcester county education committee when it meets next Monday.

County councillor for Redditch, Mr Tom Wareing, will move that "due to the present economic situation, which is unlikely to improve to any significant degree in the next few years, the education committee can no longer continue to maintain expenditure on recreational and cultural education at the present levels." Malvern Gazette, November 13, 1975.

A Ledbury woman tells me she had written to the Premium Bonds headquarters because she suspects that "Ernie" has either lost trace of her or has got his wires in a twist.

And a clerk at Lytham St Annes has replied that thousands of others have written in a similar vein and heaven knows how long it will take to check all their serial numbers. Ledbury Reporter, November 13, 1975.