MALVERN'S first mayor says he now wants to hear from ten people in order to call a public meeting to discuss the need for a Town Council.

Adrian Ward, the current chairman of the Great Malvern Association of Trade, has questioned the usefulness of the Council five years after it was formed.

He has accused Malvern Town Council of wasting taxpayers' money.

"I'm keen to call a meeting if there's a consensus to do that," he said.

"That meeting might provoke a vote of no confidence but to call a referendum without thinking it through would cost a lot of money and I'm not in the game for wasting more money," said Mr Ward.

"The other option might be that we form a Malvern Ratepayers Association which would keep the Council on their toes," said Mr Ward.

Malvern Mayor, Coun David Williams said he doesn't think there is a lack of confidence among Malvern residents over the Town Council.

"It is Adrian Ward's right to waste taxpayers' money but I think a referendum would be a misuse of powers and I personally have doubts as to whether it's legitimate," said Coun Williams.

But he said he would support Mr Ward's suggestion to set up a ratepayers association.

"I've spent the last three years trying to get residents to form into a formal group and it's very difficult to get people involved. I would be the first to applaud Mr Ward if he set up an association," he said.

Mr Ward said anyone who wants to support his call for a public meeting should call 01684 563577.