SO here we are again with lorry drivers and farmers threatening to usurp democracy for their own personal ends and, it seems, with overwhelming public support.

Are the people in this country completely barmy? Could they ask themselves which extra tax they would like to see increased to recover the lost tax on fuel?

Could they ask themselves which is the next group that will threaten to break down in our society unless the Government does as they say?

The miners tried that and they received pretty short shrift from Maggie Thatcher with the support of the very lorry drivers who now think it is all right to do exactly as the miners. I expect it was all to do with making a fast buck. What a hypocritical bunch!

The farmers are saying they are not making any money. If they are not making money they are not paying income taxes.

They now want the subsidised threepence per litre tax on their diesel fuel lifted. They receive subsidies for growing food.

They receive subsidies for not growing food. They are given subsidies for grubbing out hedges and for growing hedges. The word freeloaders springs to mind.

Does the public not realise it is being manipulated by greedy, non-elected people who are out to protect their own interests with no thought for society at large? If people don't like what the Government is doing they are quite at liberty to vote it out at the next election. That's the democracy my father fought for.

To listen to what some people are saying, I think they would vote for Saddam Hussein if he offered them 10p off a litre of petrol.

What a greedy grasping society we are.