JOY Turner calls those who complain about the health service as being "moaning gripers" and compares the NHS favourably against the American health provision.

We know her remarks are usually politically motivated. But what she seems ignorant of is the fact that the British pay national health charges where the Americans do not. We expect it to be administered in an intelligent way.

We don't expect three waiting lists for operations, a non-registered list, a deferred list and the official list with the latter one quoted only by Government.

We also don't like the pathetic shambles with the present local arrangement and the now obvious inadequacy of the new hospital.

I, too, remember the time prior to the NHS when people could get into hospital far more quickly compared to today.

Then, it was paid for mainly by local charities and public events and no one went private because there was no need. Joy Turner's Dickensian description of pre-NHS treatment makes me wonder if she really is old enough to remember it.


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