I have recently moved with my young family into Malvern Link. We have

discovered that the supermarket group Lidl is proposing to open a site on the Worcester Road, Malvern Link, in a position which is between the Kwik Save store in Spring Lane, and the Co-op on the Worcester Road.

Both the Kwik Save and Co-op stores not only attract a similar socio-economic group, but each are within two minutes' walk of the proposed Lidl site.

There will be major traffic, noise, and pollution problems created by any new

supermarket on the proposed site, as it will be both entered and exited onto

what is already a very busy main road. In fact, it is Malvern's busiest road, carrying traffic not only into the heart of Malvern, but most of the traffic passing through to Hereford or Worcester.

It seems to me that acceptance of this proposal by Malvern Hills District Council will further fuel the perception that Malvern Link is destined to remain the poor cousin of Great Malvern.

As there is clearly no local need for further supermarkets in this area, why is the Council not looking to areas where the need exists?

My Council Tax rose by three times the rate of inflation last year, and more than twice the rate of inflation this year, yet the only change in Malvern Link has been the erection of a small non-descript water feature.

Typically, this is dwarfed by both the size and aesthetic quality of that erected recently at the top of Church Street.

When will the Council treat all the residents of Malvern with parity and fairness, and put a little more effort into areas currently ignored?

Bill Richards, Worcester Road, Malvern. (via e-mail)