THE recently reported comments of Adrian Ward (Malvern Gazette, October 13 & 20) puzzle me.

I seem to remember that when the first Town Council elections were held in 1996 the Liberal Democrats won 23 of the 25 seats. So for the past four years haven't they had a massive majority, and wasn't their first action to make Mr Ward their mayor?

If the precept has really gone up "about three times" since the Town Council was formed, then isn't it because Mr Ward and his Liberal Democrat colleagues put it up by that amount and therefore must be to blame for the increases?

After all, I don't believe the present Town Council has yet set a budget for next year.

I too "doubt that many taxpayers would say the Manders scheme is a success the Council can be proud of", but am I not right in thinking that Mr Ward's Liberal Democrats are entirely responsible for this chequered enterprise? They voted it through, didn't they?

I just don't understand why Mr Ward wants to pull down the entire edifice of the Town Council of which he was the leading light.

When animals turn and bite their own tails, conflicts within the pack are often thought to be to blame. Is it possible that the Liberal Democrats have been similarly afflicted?

Representative democracy is often imperfect, but it is a fragile creature and needs actively protecting. Whatever the past ills, we need to support the present Town Council for this reason alone.

D SINCLAIR, Druggers End Lane, Castlemorton.