I read Charles Clayton's well-argued and forthright letter (Postbag, November 3) with increasing delight, as he so clearly expressed my own reaction to the new eyesore at the corner of Hampden Road.

I would simply make one further point: as a frequent visitor to the Continent, I find the sheer ugliness of

the feature both depressing and embarrassing in view of the delightful water features and statues that abound in villages and towns in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and elsewhere.

What strikes me is the pretentiousness, pomposity and total lack of taste of all the recent 'improvements' in Malvern in contrast to the grace, wit, humour and seemingly effortless sense of style that one finds in Europe.

Might I suggest that just as the England football team needs a Swede to raise their game, so it might be time to hire some European artists to enhance our townscape.

ROSALIND TEUMA, Quest Hills Road, Malvern.

(via e-mail)