AWARD-winning Malvern painter David Prentice will be showing six of his paintings at a major gallery in London.

The six paintings will be part of The Discerning Eye exhibition at The Mall Galleries, SW1, from Friday, November 24, until Sunday, December 3.

Mr Prentice's paintings were chosen for the show by critic Dr Sally Bugin, editor of The Artist magazine.

The paintings, all 14 by 15 inches, are part of Mr Prentice's Ariadne's Thread series, entitled Eastern Flanks, Bluebells, Forebode, Prospect, Mountain Biker and Green Lane.

He said: "Ariadne laid a thread through the labyrinth so that she and Theseus were able to retrace their steps after slaying the Minotaur. These paintings are from a larger group of works which are imagined and invented retracings of my walking explorations of the Malvern landscape."