Two burglars terrified a woman alone in bed in the early hours at her home, Worcester Crown Court was told.

She was woken by the sound of breaking glass and heard voices. She screamed, banged on the wall and telephoned 999, said Tim Hannam, prosecuting.

When she went downstairs, she found a pane of glass had been broken in the front door of her Redditch home and her stereo had been taken. It was found on her garden path when police and a neighbour arrived.

Andrew Richards, aged 21, of Winforton Close, Redditch, and Jonathan Staal, 28, of Yew Tree Drive, Bromsgrove, were each jailed for two years for burglary last Friday.

Richards pleaded guilty and Staal was found guilty after a trial.

Mr Hannam said Richards had been at a party at another address in Winforton Close on April 21 this year and knew the woman would be alone. Friends said he boasted that breaking into a house when someone was upstairs gave him "a buzz."

But his counsel, John Butterfield, said he denied making this remark. Richards had been drunk and was now full of remorse.

Guy Spollon, for Staal, said he still denied committing the offence but recognised how distressing the burglary was. He had no previous convictions for burglary and had overcome a drug problem.

Recorder Graham Cliff said the offence was made more serious because the woman was alone and in bed.