A HARD-WORKING group of fundraisers at Westlands First School organises money-spinning events to boost pupils.

The Friends of Westlands group is made up of parents, governors and teachers.

It collects around £1,000 each year and buys the Droitwich Spa school a special present -- and a Christmas gift for every child.

Twelve members plan events including raffles, quizzes, a balloon race, a summer barbecue and a lottery.

In 1999, funds enabled the school to buy a new stage. Plays and performances will be all the better this year thanks to a new sound system.

Chairman of the group Liz Williams said: "Thanks to the stage we can see the children and with the new sound equipment we should be able to hear their little voices perfectly."

Mrs Williams, of Ledwych Road, has a daughter at Westlands.

Eight-year-old Emma has Down's syndrome and her mum chose Westlands because she was confident it could support her daughter's needs and provide a happy environment.

Mrs Williams told the Advertiser: "It's great fun being part of the Friends of Westlands.

"Parents give fantastic support and I believe we help bring the school together. It's like being part of a big family."

The group holds monthly meetings and always needs new members.

Headteacher Pam Tildesley praised the efforts of the members.