A REDNAL woman who won compensation for her daughter after she was left seriously brain damaged has urged other parents to carry on taking their children to be vaccinated.

Olivia Price's daughter, Melissa, was so badly damaged by vaccines that, 25 years on, she still has to be looked after as though she were a child.

Earlier this year, £60m in compensation was awarded by the Government to Melissa and the 900 other people damaged by vaccines.

But Olivia, of Malcolm Grove, chairman of the Vaccine Victim Support Group, hopes parents will not be frightened to take their children for vaccination against diseases like meningitis, whooping cough and polio.

She said: "Worried parents ring me up because we are a vaccine group. They cannot get information from other sources.

"They ask me to advise them whether or not they should have their children vaccinated. We support a vaccination programme."

Olivia and others are still campaigning for compensation which will support their children throughout their lives. She said the £68,000 would not bring her security.