Forgive me if I sound rather cynical about Peter Luff's statements regarding Droitwich Spa's post office, and Cllr Pinfield's response.

When the post office decided to close High Street post office, in Evesham, and transfer its services to the Co-op, there was absolutely no warning and no consultation. We had all had assurances of continuity. The staff did not even have the consultation which is their right under agreements between the post office and the unions.

Oh, Cllr Pinfield, we did protest. Councillors, the MEP, the MP, the Chamber of Commerce, members of the public -- we all wrote, demonstrated, organised petitions. But we were wasting our time, as we will be when and if they take the same decision in Droitwich Spa as they have in Evesham, and in Pershore too.

The roots of the problem lie in the instructions regarding profitability of the post office given to them by Peter Luff's Tories when they were in power, and not amended by the present Government. The threat of privatisation was lifted in exchange for a promise that there would be no burden on taxpayers. No mention of service to the public, of course.

Until the Government and William Hague's Tories understand that service can be more important than profit, we will all continue to protest in vain.

Robert Browne,

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman of The White Cottage,

Broad Marston.