RE Memory Lane of October 25, 50 years ago, and the plan to build a bungalow at the bottom of a deep disused quarry at Hill Top, Bromsgrove.

The plan presented to the council showed the bungalow to be on the unquarried part, between the Old Quarry and New Quarry. This was a sizeable area, of solid sandstone on which stone the crane, and several large blocks of dressed stone and therefore the obvious plan to erect a dwelling.

As a corporate building surveyor, I would hardly have entertained the idea of living in the bottom of a 50 foot deep quarry.

At the enquiry, the only objection put forward was that any smoke from the chimneys of the proposed dwelling would cause annoyance to the inhabitants of dwellings above, on Quarry Lane.

A few years later, my father disposed of the property. The new owner in turn did the same.

A local builder submitted plans, and erected a number of houses on the old quarry section, which had been previously filled with all manner of refuse, garden, builders, and general contractors' fill, etc.

The council, in its wisdom, approved the plans.

It was obvious that the land referred to was never properly consolidated, and the cause of chagrin, cost, and inconvenience of some purchasers I understand.

Had I been allowed to build on the perfectly sound area of what now forms part of the road, a lot of heartache would have been saved.

Lionel J Nokes,

Retired surveyor and valuer,

Laurel Court,