WITH the whole of the country awash with water many contests have had to be cancelled or transferred from swollen rivers to canals and pools. And with the record flood levels it will be some time before they recede to safe fishing conditions.

One club that doesn't have to worry about river levels is the Starlets Veterans of Northfield who only fish Carp Pools. On Tuesday they were at Elmbridge's Heron Pool which did not fish too well in the cold breezy conditions, with the winner John Oman (Northfield) only needing 7-4-8 with pole fished casters and maggots from Peg 3, Harold Willey (Kidderminster) followed with 5-11-0, third was Bob Knight (Bewdley) 3-14-0.

On Wednesday the Astwood Fisheries Bluebell Pool open saw Brian Williams (Astwood) make it a hat trick of wins with a pole and corn catch of 29-3-0 from Peg 6, Colin Caswell (Eagle AC) was second with 23-5-0, third was Mark Roberson (Stoke Prior) 11-3-0.

Moorlands Farms Thursday Special Open was won by Ray Cowley (West Mids) with a pole and maggot mixed catch of 37-0-0 from Bank Pool Peg 7, second was David James (Fosters Tipton) 34-8-0, third Keith Finch (D.C.Lifestyle) 29-14-0.

Fridays Costcutter Open was held on the Meadow Pool with Colin Pace (Bilston) topping the list with a 42-10-0 catch from Peg 24, David James (Fosters Tipton) was runner up again with 28-4-0, third Alan James (West Mids) with 21-12-0.

Saturday's Open saw Lee Richards (Tims Tackle) head a close score sheet with 77-13-0 of carp taken with pole and maggots from Moors Pool Peg 20, second was Mick Henshaw (Fosters MG) 74-11-0, third was Ian Whitehouse (Team Wesson) 66-15-0.

At Woodlands View the Deans Pool Open was won by Tony Holmes (Slapheads) with 44-0-0 from Peg 18, second Steve Pickup (Fishermans Friend) 36-7-0, third Paul Foster (Blackheath) 34-14-0.

Sunday's Deans Pool Open was headed by Paul Caswell (Shakespeare) with a pole and maggot carp catch of 60-6-0 from Peg 1, second Mark Kelly (Woodlands) 53-3-0, third Matt Cox (Trowmans) 34-3-0.

On Sunday the 100 AC transferred its Fur and Feather and Pairs Contest from the River Avon to Greensforge on the Staffordshire-Worcester Canal, where they found the water a dirty brown which hit catches hard.

Joint winners were Redditch matchman Mick Tremlett and West Heath's Ken Butler who were at opposite ends of the match length, where they both fished squats and pinkies on the far ledge for 1-14-8 a piece, third placed Clive Duggan had 1-13-8. Pairs Shield winners were Clive Duggan and Dave Hawkes with a seven point tally.

Birmingham Civil Service AC fished its Silver Fish Only Contest on the Clubs Pool at Elmdon where the carp had to take a back seat. Winner Darren Mills pole fished maggots at Peg 27 for 2-7-0 of Roach and Skimmers, second was Gary Clayton 1-15-0, third was Eddie Mathews 1-9-0.

Worcester top rod Rob Wilson felt like he had won the lottery. The Alans Tackle-sponsored angler drew the link Peg 8 on the Bank Pool at Moorlands Farm, attached to Hallcroft Fishery Peg 8, and promptly took a winning 90-7-0 catch with pole and maggots to collect the £2,000 price. Just seven ounces behind on a level 90-0-0 was Ian Whitehouse (Team Wesson), third was Lee Richards (Tims Tackle) 81-14-0.