SOME interesting points were raised by the Bromsgrove Society in the Advertiser/Messenger with their call to improve parking at Bromsgrove railway stations.

We can only hope that the society does have some influence with district council members in the matter of improving parking at the station.

Just why are the controlling Tories prolonging the misery to residents of Aston Fields and rail travellers alike? Since their election success Bromsgrove Tories have put the much-needed extra parking alongside the station on hold.

The previous Labour administration was on the very brink of providing this amenity before the last election. All that was needed was the legal side of things to be finalised. Here we are nearly two years later and Bromsgrove Tories are still stuck in their old anti-public transport rut.

In a document published by Bromsgrove District Council (Blueprint for Bromsgrove) council leader Nick Psirides states the council aims to ensure sustainable development balancing the economic, social and environmental needs of the district. In the transport section we are told that car use is responsible for 25 per cent of CO2 emissions and 50 per cent of oxides of nitrogen, also the link with childhood asthma. On the same page we are informed the council is "promoting a bike to work day in June" and a "car free day in September."

All around Bromsgrove other councils have embarked on quality bus partnership schemes, park and ride at rail stations, even a metro system in Birmingham. Train companies are playing their part, more and more trains are stopping at Bromsgrove and providing a service.

When we read of plans to build a multi-storey car park in Bromsgrove town centre, and the corresponding congestion and pollution, when we witness the daily congestion around Aston Fields caused by the delay in providing facilities at the station, the statements on sustainability issued by the council leader have the characteristic Tory stain on them.

Would it be possible for the council to organise, with bus companies, a co-ordinated shuttle service?

SP Shannon,

Shaw Lane,

Stoke Prior,