A COUNTY councillor has spoken of his delight that a promise made to young people in Crabbs Cross and Astwood Bank has been kept.

Councillor Tom Wareing has been actively seeking financial support from Worcestershire Youth Services for several years, since a club which catered specifically for them was closed down.

Mr Wareing was concerned that the closure of the facility left youngsters in the 14-25 age group with nothing to do.

But at a Crabbs Cross Neighbourhood Group Meeting residents were told by a representative from youth services that they were being offered half the money made available from the closure of the youth club, to benefit youngsters in the 14-25 age group, which they accepted.

Mr Wareing said: "I was extremely disturbed when the Astwood Bank youth facility was closed down as this left the area with no facilities for youngsters.

"But I am delighted that Worcestershire Youth Services have kept their promise and this money has been made available.

"It has been decided that Crabbs Cross and Astwood Bank should be considered as one parish, so the other half of this money will be offered to Astwood Bank Neighbourhood Group."

It will now be up to groups to apply to the neighbourhood groups for funding and resident members will judge them on merit.

In the Crabbs Cross area, Mr Wareing believes residents will be particularly keen to support the football skills training group which was set up by PC Richard Waterhouse to keep youngsters off the streets.