RESIDENTS in the Foxcote Close area of Winyates have called for immediate action to stop corrosive materials landing on their houses.

They have appealed yet again to the Environment Agency over the long-running problem of corrosive material floating in the air, a matter first notified to the agency 18 months ago.

But residents claim nothing has been done to ease the problem, which they now say is getting worse.

Householders claim the orange particles are corroding things they land on, such as car paintwork and uPVC doors and windows.

Nicola Lowndes, of Foxcote Close, said despite continuous complaints, nothing was being done to help residents.

She said: "It's absolutely dreadful. The paintwork on our cars is totally ruined and we're all wasting money on something that's not our fault.''

The Environment Agency has said the emissions are coming from the site of Roulunds (UK) Ltd, a brake manufacturing company in East Moon Moat.

A spokesman said: "The agency is monitoring the site as part of an ongoing inquiry and we are still trying to pinpoint the exact source of the particles.

"The biggest challenge is that when residents report incidents to us, they are doing it based on the visible affects of the emissions and this is well after the emissions have actually occurred.

"If people have concerns about the effect of the emissions on their property, they should contact Roulunds directly."

Paul Newman, financial director of Roulunds, said: "The Environment Agency has been here and we have been working with them and continue to do so.

"But there is absolutely no evidence that these emissions are coming from us.

''The Environment Agency has provided no evidence to support Roulunds being the source," he added.