PETROL stations across Redditch have seen business increase dramatically as townsfolk rush to fill their tanks before any possible fuel blockades next week.

Back in the middle of September, the Redditch Advertiser reported how the town had been thrown into complete chaos after hauliers protesting at spiralling fuel costs blockaded the town's main fuel supplier.

Protesters set the Government a 60-day deadline to reduce fuel prices or they would consider further action.

As this deadline nears, residents are gearing up for a further possible blockade, which is feared could take place in the next few days.

Most town petrol stations are being refuelled every day and have not experienced any difficulty in supplying customers despite the sudden rush of panic buying.

But Studley Self Serve has actually sold out of petrol cans as people rush to keep a personal stock of fuel.

Manageress of the Birmingham Road station, Ellen Ritchie, said: "There has been an increase in business but we are not having any problems getting supplies and we are keeping people's tanks topped up.

"Petrol cans have gone like hot cakes and we have run out now.

"One man tried to fill up six cans yesterday and in the end, I had to tell him he couldn't."

Lodge Park Service Station has seen a 30 per cent increase in business in the last few days due to panic buying.

Manager of the Studley Road station, Robert Hulland, said: "We are getting deliveries as normal at the moment but unfortunately more people are filling their tanks up which is keeping stock levels low.

"We are getting deliveries normally but we aren't getting any more."

Redditch police have already drawn up a contingency plan in preparation for any disruption caused through any petrol blockades.

A spokesman said: "We will be providing extra police cover to make sure there are enough staff to deal with any problems or incidents which may occur."