ON television a day or so ago I heard the Prime Minister say fuel prices must remain high to allow the Government to have more money for hospitals etc.

What got up my nose was it was also for the benefit of pensioners. How could he be so two faced when he gave us a grand increase of 75p?

He insulted us with this increase and now he is trying to use us in his argument about the high price of fuel. How can pensioners afford to pay £4 plus for a gallon of petrol?

For 60-odd working years I was involved with a trade union and a member of a joint industrial council for our trade. We had a true Labour Party then, now it is a party of the rich and well-off.

Why is it Britain is known the world over as ''Rip-off Britain''? Once it was Great Britain.

Would you be surprised if I said I will not vote Labour again?

Jack Stonier

The Spinney