THINGS can only get better. Nice song, shame it did not happen. But when we join Europe as a full equal partner, things will get better.

Since New Labour (old Tory) took over, our rights have been stripped even more. For example I have been promoted to the underclass, not even being paid dole money for up to six months.

What was my crime? Voting Labour and I had the nerve to leave an unsuitable low-paid job.

So should I beg on the streets? Rob a bank? Or mug an old lady or just kill myself (can't afford that)?

Some hope has now arrived. Where from? Europe, our friends who treat people with respect and reward them for effort.

Yes, the new Human Rights Act will override many of the recent laws that have been made to control our lives in shameful ways.

When it comes to tax, it's the same story - reward the rich, beat the poor, with backdoor taxes like petrol, which has become a thorn in New Labour's rose.

Who should we vote for? One clown is much the same as another. Could Europe be any worse? No, things will really get better, then and only then.

CJ Hapgood