SCUMBAGS are operating in the Redditch area, using sometimes leaflets on which only telephone numbers appear, arriving in vans similarly adorned offering "building services/repairs," tree-pruning services and tarmac drives, preying on old and vulnerable people.

Other vermin claim to represent public utilities in order to gain access to homes.

Never was there a time when nosy neighbours were needed more in order to protect particularly old ladies with diminishing moral courage and faculties, from such low-life.

This newspaper carries advertisements from reputable companies who are known in our community, when they publish their addresses and also their experience and qualifications. City & Guilds, Corgi-registered, Construction Industry Training Board registered, etc, being reputable verifying bodies.

Another word of warning: Unless a craftsperson/tradesperson carries a Joint Personal Liability/Public Liability Insurance Policy, valid - and for a minimum of £2.5 million cover - then do not allow him/her to come onto your land/premises because in the event of an accident, the householder may be held personally liable.


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