May I, through your newspaper, express the gratitude of Astwood Bank carnival committee to all of those folk who made the effort to attend this year's bonfire and fireworks display at the premises of SE Davis and Son Ltd in Edgeoake Lane.

Many, many people, when turned away due to lack of parking facilities, walked the full length of the village to get back to us.

We all worked very hard to ensure the event could go ahead despite there being very restricted parking facilities due to the fields being completely waterlogged.

The result, I think most folk who attended will agree, was a spectacular show.

To the Davis family we owe a great debt of gratitude for their forbearance and assistance.

I would also like to say thank you to our local police officer, PC Sally Macmillan, who was tireless in her endeavours to keep things moving out in the road.

However, I most profoundly apologise to those residents of Astwood Bank who were so badly inconvenienced by inconsiderate car parking on private properties, across driveways and on grass verges.

It is one thing to feel proud that the event could go ahead and raise money for our charities, but not at the expense of upsetting the very folk on whom we rely to support and tolerate the carnival activities every year.

Once again, I offer my personal apology.

David Smith


Astwood Bank Carnival Committee