A CONVICTED sex offender living in Droitwich Spa has escaped eviction despite the appeals of residents.

On Friday, Redditch County Court suspended Spa Housing Association's bid to evict tenant Kevin Milton, of Bourne Close.

Court action began following complaints about noise and anti-social behaviour. The case had been adjourned in June.

District Judge Eric Dickinson ruled Milton could stay provided anti-social behaviour does not reoccur. If it does, housing chiefs can apply for a warrant for his eviction.

The court heard from Mark Heel, aged 43, of Burrish Street, who said Milton exposed himself, used foul and abusive language and allowed schoolchildren to drink in his home.

He said teenagers were seen smoking cannabis and two of Milton's cross-dressing acquaintances had a street fight causing a disturbance in the area. Mr Heel added he had rarely seen Milton since June.

A statement from Jeffrey Holyoake, who lived above Milton, was accepted by the court.

Judge Dickinson said Mr Holyoake and his wife relocated after complaining of daily harassment from their neighbour.

The couple's address was withheld from proceedings.

James Witham, of Burrish Street, said: "It was a wonderful place but since the defendant arrived I have been disturbed, harassed and heard every obscenity under the sun."

Spa beat manager PC Alun Jones said he had kept a close eye on Milton's home and reported the defendant spent less time at the flat.

Milton represented himself. He denied a number of claims and said he was the victim of a hate campaign.

The 34-year-old said: "I get on with my new neighbours - it was a clash of personality with the Holyoakes.

"I regret it - they were good neighbours. I've had a lot to put up with. I've been bullied and received death threats."

Judge Dickinson said: "Those living in the vicinity have suffered beyond what they should.

"Mr Milton accepts he has behaved badly but since the proceedings began, his actions have changed."

In January, Milton was put on probation for three years after admitting exposing himself to children.

He served nine months in jail for a sex attack and indecent exposure in 1984 and was given a suspended jail sentence for sex with a girl under 16 in 1987.