A TEENAGER who sought salvation at the Droitwich Single Homeless Project claims her life was made a misery and wants action to prevent others suffering.

Michelle Evans moved into the Ombersley Road base in February after an argument with her family.

During a five-month stay, Michelle claims:

* The heating was never on;

* House rules were not enforced;

* She saw rat droppings;

* She did not receive any support in finding accommodation or employment.

The former Droitwich Spa High School pupil had run-ins with residents and an employee urged her to get up early and stay out of the house when possible.

Michelle submitted a letter of complaint to the project management committee after she left but it has been dismissed because she is now a former resident, and it was not dated or signed.

The 19-year-old now lives in Homestead and is looking for a job.

She said: "Life at the hostel was miserable.

"I was constantly ill and my doctor prescribed me anti-depressants.

"People who go there are desperate and I fear unless changes are made they will not get the support they need.

"I was fortunate to have a caring family."

Committee chairman Johanna Jay said: "We have been through a tough period over the past five months caused by the many problems associated with young homeless people.

"We are working to improve facilities and are seeking help from statutory and voluntary bodies.

"We look forward to a better future for residents and staff."