A RETIRED vicar from Droitwich Spa is confident he can halt development work near his home despite disappointment in the High Court in London on Wednesday.

An application by the Rev Ronald Waters to stop work at Yew Tree Hill was thrown out, pending a forthcoming challenge to planning consent granted by the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR).

Mr Waters wanted an injunction banning work from continuing on a housing development until the challenge is heard.

The development threatens to swallow up his home, in Yew Tree Hill.

Justice Sullivan said the application was "misconceived" but Mr Waters missed the court's decision because his train was cancelled.

Mr Waters said: "It would be difficult for Mr Justice Sullivan to determine the injunction when I could not present the argument.

"I'm not deterred - I know my claims are based on fact."

In papers before the court, Mr Waters sought to stop developers Swan Hill Homes West from removing soil flanking his property.

The firm is developing on a nine-acre meadow off Newland Road.

Mr Waters wanted a ban pending a hearing of his challenge to a decision made by the DETR approving the scheme.

This is another blow for Mr Waters who was previously landed with a £1,000 legal bill during efforts to save the area.