A FIGHTING robot built by a team from Arley emerged battered and bruised but with pride intact after making its debut in a popular television programme.

Atomic, designed by farmer Stephen Bebb, his brother David, 15, and the pair's friend Paul Francis, 18, was eliminated in the second heat of BBC2's Robot Wars which was televised on Friday.

Thirty-five-year-old Stephen Bebb said: "The second heat of series four involved three contests, where we made it through the first two but were eliminated by Chaos 2, the winner of series three.

"We did very well for our first attempt, but were unfortunate to be in the same group as Chaos 2.

"Had we beaten it we would have been in the semi-finals later in the year."

The robot, which can reach a top speed of 15mph and weights 80kg, had beaten off more than 800 hopefuls to reach the August stage, but Chaos 2's pneumatic flipper blade saw off Atomic.

Mr Bebb said he had learned how to improve Atomic's strength and would enter the robot into next year's series five contest.