REFERRING to your article about the play area near Grisedale Drive, Warndon (Evening News, August 22) I think that Mr Beauchamp's comments about the council and the state of the playing field are a lot of nonsense.

The council comes to that field every single day of the week, Monday until Friday. It is the children themselves who dug up the holes and scattered the rubble all over the field. They were there with spades one night digging so that it filled with the rain.

The reason the climbing frame was taken away was because it was not safe to climb on. The felt at the bottom had been pulled up by the children.

Every time the council fenced it off for safety, the children pulled it down. This happened at least a dozen times.

How do I know this? I live facing the field and I see it all the time. If you say anything to the children, all you get back is a mouthful of foul language.

So Mr Beauchamp, get your facts right before you accuse the council. They have done all they could to keep that field tidy.

Also Mr Beauchamp, you should come and hear the clanking of bars on the slide and see if you could put up with it.

Then there is all the rubbish that gets thrown over into the yard - not forgetting the money the council has spent on that field only for it to be vandalised by the children themselves.


(Name and address supplied).