AS one of the "few people in the city who would be bothered if horse racing at Pitchcroft ceased"- D E Margrett's letter of August 16 - I have to reply with some thoughts which may be shared by the thousands of racing fans who regularly attend meetings in Worcester.

The letter also refers to historic aspects of Pitchcroft. How appropriate - ours is one of the oldest courses in England as the first recorded race meeting here took place on June 27, 1718.

Worcester folk are indeed fortunate to have such a tremendous asset. During the summer, thousands of racing fans flock to Pitchcroft from the valleys of South Wales and the industrial Midlands to join us locals for a day's entertainment in the open air.

Yes the proposed construction of a road and drainage ditch is a cause for concern. The council has to ensure that Pitchcroft remains an open space that all of us can enjoy whatever our choice of past time.

Arena Leisure may do its best to promote racing in Worcester. But it has not endeared itself to everyone in racing during its history, hence its activities on Pitchcroft must be closely monitored by the local authority.

I am looking forward to many marvellous racing days at Pitchcroft, and who knows, maybe celebrating 300 years of racing in Worcester in 2018. God - and D E Margrett - willing, of course!


Linksview Crescent,