A WORCESTER woman who snapped after an 18-month feud admitted attacking a mother in front of her children.

Jean Towers admitted attacking mother-of-two Emma Smith after an argument in Warndon's Cranham Drive on Tuesday, June 13.

"Mrs Towers' daughter Lauren Holland got into an argument with Emma Smith," said Kiernan Cunningham, prosecuting.

"Lauren Holland phoned her mum and Towers confronted Emma Smith in the shop and quickly turned violent.

"Towers pulled Smith to the floor in front of her children, aged two and eight. The two-year-old had her push chair knocked over in the struggle.

"Smith was repeatedly punched and kicked on the floor as her children watched."

Judith Kenney, defending, told Worcester Magistrates' Court yesterday, Miss Smith had confronted Miss Holland a number of times, but the police had not responded to complaints about Miss Smith made by 37-year-old Towers.

"There are 15 or 16 incidents reported to the police about the behaviour of Smith," said Miss Kenny. "Miss Smith was burgled 18 months ago and is convinced my client's daughter was connected with it.

"The police established it was a brother-in-law of the Towers family, who Holland has nothing to do with."

Miss Kenney said Miss Holland had been unable to leave her nan's house because of gangs outside. Miss Smith had attempted to run her down and had confronted her in the Spar, the butchers and the fish shop.

The attack occurred a day after a failed attempt by police to end the feud.

The court heard Towers, who suffers from severe back pain after a benign tumour was removed from her spine two years ago, suffered an asthma attack half way through the assault.

"My client is not in a fit state to go out looking for trouble," added Miss Kenney.

Towers, of Leckhampton Close, Warndon, who admitted common assault, was given a 12-month probation order and agreed to attend a programme for women offenders.

She was ordered to pay Miss Smith £50 compensation and £40 costs.