A LARGE crowd saw some stunning motorcycle grass track action at Birchwood Lane, Storridge on August Bank Holiday Sunday.

The Malvern & District Motor Cycle & Light Car Club, based in Link Way, of Howsell Road, were holding their first grass track races, called the Malvern Magic, since April 1993 and club competition secretary John Banner was more than pleased how the event went.

On a relatively small 330 metre track, some fast and furious racing was seen throughout the 40-race meeting with local rider Tony Starke, Welsh rider Geraint Ford and the Taylor brothers from Newent, amongst the most spectacular to watch in the solo classes with Lower Broadheath's Chris Salisbury and the Rowlands brothers from Oswestry prominent in the sidecars.

Meeting secretary John Banner said: "Considering most of our members were performing their various tasks for the first time, I thought the organisation was excellent. We arrived a the final race of the day spot on schedule and a large number of riders, mechanics and spectators came and thanked us for our efforts at the end of the day.

"The committee meet again in September, when this event will be discussed and a decision will be made whether to run it again next year."

On the evidence of this first ever Malvern magic, there will be a lot of people who will be hoping that they do.


250cc: 1, 97 James Childe 250 RTS KTM (Kidderminster); 2, 196 Matthew Klassen 250 RTS (Woolhope); 3, 80 Will Tustin 250 BSA (Faringdon).

350cc: 1, 173 Neil Taylor 350 RTS (Eldersfield); 2, 438 Mark Taylor 350 RTS (Eldersfield); 3, 250 David Mander 350 Spice Jawa (Nuneaton).

500cc: 1, 83 Phil Ashcroft 500 Nu-Trak Jawa (Tividale); 2, 70 Geraint Ford 500 TT Jawa (Mold); 3, 179 Simon Gittings 500 Nu-trak Jawa (Worcester).

Pre-1975: 1, 17 David Norris 500 Hagon (Manchester); 2, 79 Cyril Jones 500 Godden Jawa (Broseley Wood); 3, 115 Maurice Jones 500 Jawa (Holmer).

Umlimited: 1, 83 Phil Ashcroft 500 Nu-Trak Jawa (Tividale); 2, 97 James Childe 350 RTS Jawa (Kidderminster); 3, Neil Taylor 350 RTS (Eldersfield).

Sidecars: 1, 418 Chris Salisbury (Lower Broadheath)/ Gary Hughes (Ashchurch) 500 Fast-Fit Jawa; 2, 887 Jim Rowlands/ Mark Griffith (Oswestry) 500 Duse Jawa; 3, 7 Barrie Bennett(Montgomery)/ Steve Tong (Telford) 500 Duse Jawa.