THE first League meeting of the new season of the Mercian Elgar Junior Football League will take place on Sunday, September 3 at the Bell Inn, St Johns, Worcester at 8pm.

League stationery will be issued and any last minute questions dealt with before the season starts on September 10. Every club should be represented.

This season there are a record number of teams in the league, 90 in all.

Chairman George Silverman said: "We are very pleased with our growth but we would appreciate the services of more referees for both mini-soccer and full sided games.

"It is important that all players are aware of the laws of the game at an early age as it augers well for the future."

Any referees with some time to spare, even one day per month, please contact John Wynne on (01905) 422638. Mini soccer kicks off at 10.30am on Saturdays and all other games at 2.30pm on Sundays.