A MAJOR meeting of Civil War re-enactors could be held to mark the 350th anniversary of the Battle of Upton Bridge.

August 29, 1651, was the date of the fighting, when Cromwell's troops drove Royalist defenders out of the town.

Upton's tourism boss Mike Booth hopes that hundreds of "troops" will visit the town during next year's bank holiday weekend, to celebrate the anniversary.

"It's a landmark date so we don't want to just let it go by. We should organise something big," he said.

"Nothing is signed yet, but we are talking to the Sealed Knot and I very much hope we can arrange something. We hope there will be a muster, which will bring several regiments to town."

During the battle, Cromwell's troops crossed the river by stealth and barricaded themselves in the old church, which became the centre of the fighting.

After they had driven away the Royalist soldiers, Cromwell himself visited the church the same day to congratulate his victorious men.

The triumph helped seal the fate of King Charles II, who was defeated four days later at the Battle of Worcester.

Three hundred and fifty years on, the church which was at the centre of the fighting is now home to the Tourist Information Centre with informative displays about the Civil War.

The Earl of Stamford's Regiment of Foote, part of the Sealed Knot Society, regularly turns out at town festivities for living history displays.

"Many of its members are local but it also has members from the United States," said Mr Booth.

"If we stage a big event next summer it would draw Civil War re-enactors from all over the World."