A 14th century English folk hero has been reincarnated to help restore a West Malvern church.

Wat Tyler led the Peasant's Revolt against Richard II in 1381, kick-starting the forces that led to the downfall of serfdom.

Next week, his descendant 'Wat Tiler' and friends will be roaming the streets of West Malvern, enlisting help in reroofing the 130-year-old St James's Church.

In the fundraising campaign, called 'Putting on the Tile', villagers are being asked to purchase tiles at 50p each.

Every tile will be given a number, which will go into a raffle, with the prize being "a night on the tiles" - in other words, dinner for two at one of Worcestershire's best hotels.

Wat Tiler is the brainchild of David Wright, a committee member of the Friends of St James's Church, formed four years ago to help preserve the building.

Wat has been given a cheerful face in a cartoon by musician and former West Malvern resident, Rachel Fletcher.

A leaflet is already circulating in the village in which Wat is urging villagers: "Let's all go that extra tile!"