A MALVERN-based charity for people with communication difficulties is looking for a larger headquarters.

ARCOS will be forced to move out of Whitbourne Lodge, in Church Street, when it is sold off by its owners, Malvern Hills District Council.

Plans are afoot to turn it into social housing or a health centre, or both.

But Kay Coombes, of ARCOS, said the charity would have had to move on from the building in any case.

She said: "We're extremely busy providing training courses and therapy and are increasingly doing contract work for bodies such as health authorities.

"We're also doing more work with children with language difficulties such as autism, Asperger's syndrome and dyslexia.

"In short, we're bursting the seams of Whitbourne Lodge. We never intended to be here for ever.

"What we need, and what we are looking at in a couple of different directions, is a purpose-built place. "We would like to stay in Malvern because it's a beautiful place and people like coming here."

ARCOS provides training, therapy, special equipment and help for people with speech difficulties from accidents, brain injuries and other causes. And now they are looking for donations of computer equipment.

"We appealed for furniture some time ago and had a marvellous response, for which I would like to thank everyone," said Mrs Coombes. "Now we're asking for computer equipment, which will be useful in helping a lot of people we deal with communicate."

She said ARCOS needs early Pentium-type PCs and monitors with a minimum 12-inch screen. Anyone who can help, should call ARCOS on 01684 576795.