DISCOVER the value of advice. Those are the wise words from Malvern's Citizen's Advice Bureau, which is taking part in national CAB Advice Week from Monday (September 4).

And to make it even easier for people to get the message, the Malvern office is extending its opening hours for that week only.

On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday it will be open late, from 10am to 6pm. Friday will be business as usual, from 10am to 4pm, but next Saturday (September 9), the CAB will be open specially from 10am to noon.

Liz Pusey, Malvern CAB manager, said: "Free CAB advice is of enormous value to people facing ordinary problems.

"People threatened with repossession or eviction are less likely to lose their homes where CABs are involved. People are more likely to win at benefit appeals and employment tribunals if represented by the CAB. Banks and other creditors are more likely to accept terms put to them by CAB. Complaints are apt to be successfully resolved if CAB helps.

"Here in Malvern Hills, CAB gets £67,000 in cash and in kind to pay for four staff who support 40 volunteers. For every £1 invested in a volunteer CAB advisor, £30 worth of work is delivered.

"We hope our extended hours will be of particular interest to working people who find it difficult to access the bureau during normal hours. Both our Open Door and telephone service will be available."