MORE than 100 people turned up to the launch of the new Elgar Avenue Residents' Association on Wednesday, August 30.

An evening of fun and entertainment was laid on by Elgar Housing Association to encourage people to join forces in a common aim to improve the estate.

Problems such as dirty streets, vandalism, noise pollution and a lack of facilities such as bins and play equipment for children were pinpointed during a recent survey carried out by Malvern Hills District Council.

A Crime and Disorder Audit carried out in 1998 revealed that 13.25 per cent of all the district's crime was in the Langland Ward.

Pat Mewton, one of the founders of the residents' association, said he hoped that by giving local people a "common voice" they could combat the estate's problems much more effectively.

"The association will act as a go-between for the residents and their landlords," he said.

"If you look around you in Elgar Avenue you can see the state it's in. We want to improve the facilities, properties, streets and paved areas.

"Giving ourselves an identity as an association means we will have much more impact that as individuals," he said.

"Elgar Housing, which owns most of the houses, came up with the idea recently for us to form a management committee and work in conjunction with them to manage the estate and maybe have a budget, like governors of a school.

"But we felt it was best to begin with the residents' committee, get some training in how councils and housing associations work, and find people who are prepared to commit themselves first," he said.

Steve Main, from Elgar Housing, said the launch was very successful.

"They all enjoyed themselves and 27 residents signed up to the association, which is excellent," he said.