A MALVERN bike shop owner has expressed concern about the safety of some scooters, the latest teenage craze.

His warning follows an incident involving Jo Higgs, aged 14, from Malvern Link, when the handlebars came off his new chrome scooter as he was crossing the road.

"I was going along quite fast and the handlebars just flew off as I came off the curb onto the road," said Jo.

"Luckily I wasn't hurt but it was quite scary. I'm still going to ride it but now I know it can happen I'll keep an eye on it," he said.

Paul Birley, owner of Back on Track Mountain Bikes, in North Malvern, said the problem was that some scooters were only screwed together, rather than welded.

"Jo fell off in the middle of the road and it could have been very, very nasty," he said.

"All that happens is the screws come loose as you turn and pull on the handlebars and then suddenly the scooter falls apart," said Mr Birley.

"I put new screws into Jo's scooter but they have just come loose again.

"The better ones are welded at the handlebars and at the base so if people are thinking of buying one they should look out for these points.

"If you've just spent £80 on one you want it to last more than three weeks," he said.