IT is perverse and unjustified of Tory Councillor Gary Kibblewhite to prolong his apparent vendetta against Worcester's taxi-drivers.

I don't have a car, so there are few, if any, Worcester councillors who use taxis more than I do, both in the city and elsewhere and for both long and short journeys.

I have unfailingly received courtesy and help - including the opening of doors when appropriate - from Worcester drivers.

When Labour was in charge at the Guildhall, before May, we didn't always agree with the taxi owners, but we often did and, over the years, together in partnership we worked to make substantial improvements to the taxi service offered to Worcester residents and visitors.

Why does Councillor Kibblewhite now seem to be doing his best to destroy any vestige of goodwill between Worcester's council and its cabs?

It's difficult to believe that this quite irresponsible confrontation emanates not just from playing silly games.

Let him take his concerns to the Tory-controlled Licensing Committee - or, perhaps, they wouldn't stand up to scrutiny there.


St Barnabas Ward,