GOD is much more than love, as Andy Hope-Hall, who is also troubled by dogma, states (You Say, August 3). Love is but one of God's attributes.

In matters of love and dogma we must turn to The Bible. A church without a statement of faith cannot exist.

The four fundamentals of that faith cannot exist. The four fundamentals of that faith are Bible, Creeds, Apostolic Succession and Sacraments. A church which believes anything ends believing nothing deeply.

Today, love is misrepresented. It means, sexual gratification. Men and Women go out " to score", " have fun", "recreational sex" and "to get a life", which is loveless and meaningless. Sadly, they will never experience love.

In the Bible, love is used as between men and women, of family affections and friendships. It denotes pity for someone in need of help and is represented as "tender mercies".

Its use is threefold - God's love to mankind, Love towards God and Love between humans as a religious duty.

It was an Act of Love that God gave his son as a sacrifice to vindicate Mankind and bring it back into a right (righteous) relationship with himself.