A CARE assistant banned from the road for drink-driving was caught by police after she raced to the bedside of a dying patient.

Catherine Prynn had borrowed a friend's BMW for the Christmas-time mercy trip, Worcester magistrates were told.

But she was forced to reveal her conviction when police pulled her over in Peachfield Road, Malvern.

"She gave her name as Catherine Jancey," said Mark Soper, prosecuting yesterday.

"She was asked to produce her documents and was given the usual form to do so.

"She did attend the police station and told an officer she was disqualified from driving."

Jancey had been Prynn's married name. She had recently reverted to Prynn.

"The reason she took the car was that she was working as a care assistant in a local home," said Brian O'Connell, defending.

"One of the old ladies she looked after was very ill and had been asking for her. In fact, she died that particular night.

He said the officers "went through the usual checks" when they pulled Prynn over at around 9am on Friday, December 17.

The 33-year-old, of Mountbatten Road, Malvern, admitted driving while disqualified and having no insurance.

Courts had banned the mum-of-three twice for drink-driving in the past, Mr O'Connell added.

"My client tells me that she has learnt her lesson," he said.

"She only drove on this one occasion. It wasn't an emergency, but it was a special occasion."

Magistrates adjourned the case for pre-sentence reports to be prepared.

Prynn is due to appear before the court again on Thursday, September 21.